SteemIt – A Blockchain-Based Opportunity For African Writers


SteemIt is a social media platform that gives writers a chance to make money in the form of Steem’s cryptocurrency. To make the most of this platform and to receive financial rewards, you must write high-quality content that readers appreciate so that they upvote your content.

SteemIt is supported by blockchain technology and uses Steem’s digital currency to reward writers who post articles and videos. If you want to get good rewards from this platform, your content must be up-voted and you must upvote quality content. The whole point is to ensure that people post relevant and high-quality content for which they are then rewarded. Payments on this platform are made half in a digital currency referred to as ‘Steem Dollars’ and half in ‘Steem Power’

opportunity for African writersAfrican freelance writers and bloggers can benefit from Steem’s platform in that the content developers can earn a living by posting relevant information on the platform. Pay-outs are distributed automatically by blockchain and are completed after the submission of content and votes.

Freelance writers and bloggers can also motivate one another by up-voting well-written articles. It is important for members of the community to participate in voting so that Steem makes the payments correctly. The people that are more involved in the promotion of content are the ones that Steem awards the most.

Steem also encourages bloggers and freelance writers to repost their content, provided they have the rights to their written work. Thereby, freelance writers and bloggers can increase their income not only by contributing new original content but also by republishing their best pieces.

SteemIt is an excellent platform for talented writers to monetize their content through the use of a revolutionary new blockchain-based social media platform. Try it out!


Alex Lielacher

The author Alex Lielacher

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