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Crypto Games is an online bitcoin casino that offers its users the opportunity play dice, blackjack, roulette, lottery and slot machines using cryptocurrencies online. The accepted cryptocurrencies include Dogecoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin, Monero, Dash, Peercoin, Grindcoin, and Playmoney. The mission of Crypto Games is to become the leading digital entertainment company that delights players by offering fun, fair and safe virtual casino games.

Crypto Games offers you the chance to gamble online with virtual currencies safely and without the need of a bank account, as you are using only digital currencies to play. The company launched in May 2014 with Dogecoin slot machines and, soon after, they added dice, which they continuously improve to offer players the best experience. In 2015, Blackjack and the lottery were added to its repertoire of games and its 5th game, roulette, was added in July 2016. The cryptocurrency that most gamblers prefer to use is bitcoin with over 547,712,716 placed bets in the currency.

Multiple Games

Bitcoin Casino

Currently, the most popular game amongst players is Dice. This is because it’s as simple as it sounds; predict how the dice will roll and earn money. There’s a built-in auto-bet feature that allows you to employ different strategies without the monotony of constantly clicking. As for the slots, this is a simple 5-wheel fruit variant game with high chances of payouts. Blackjack a very popular game as well offering multiple player options to allow for different playing styles. As for roulette, the European style single-zero table has been introduced to give players a better chance of winning. Dice has the lowest housing edge at 0.8%, then blackjack at 1.253%, lottery at 1.5%, slots at 1.97% and roulette at 2.7%.

As for the Crypto Games lottery, each ticket costs 0.0001 BTC (10,000 satoshis) and you can only purchase lottery tickets with bitcoins. The winner is drawn each week on Wednesday and Saturday using random numbers. Three winning tickets are selected, and winners get the following prizes:

  • 1st place: 80% of total pot
  • 2nd place: 14% of total pot
  • 3rd place: 4.5% of total pot

98.5% of the money raised with ticket sales will be paid out to the three winners. You can also buy several tickets. The more you buy the more winning chances you have.


Regarding the interface, the site stands apart from others due to its ease of use and simplicity. There is also a customization level built-in that allows users to change the color scheme to meet their style. Regarding navigation, it is extremely simple to move around on computers and mobile devices are given the tab and drop-down menu system. There is even a chat box with very responsive staff support available to help users in case of any issues.

The wager amount determines the betting speed seeing as you can view up to 11 bets a second for the highest of rollers. Even at lower quantities, the responsiveness is excellent. is transparent on how the bet results are generated and is provably fair. There is a tab labeled “Provably Fair” which explains the randomness of each bet for each game and allows players to verify this for themselves.

Faucets, Jackpots and Rewards

Crypto Games also provides a bitcoin faucet for its players. You can request 0.00001 BTC to play with. You can increase your faucet bonus depending on how many messages you’ve left in chat, how many players you’ve referred to the site, loyalty (calculated in days), invested BTC and wagered funds. Each level you obtain increases the amount you receive for each faucet request as well as how many times a day you can request funds from the faucet. This is very competitive in comparison to other cryptocurrency dice sites. As a bonus feature, there is also a jackpot to be won if your roll is 7.777 or 77,777.

Furthermore, the in-game chat hosts a RainBot that consistently offers gifts in the form of coins to those who actively and constructively participate in the chat.

Deposits and Withdrawals

The casino doesn’t require any confirmations for deposits. You can start playing right away. To withdraw your deposit you only need two confirmations, so Crypto Games is taking advantage of bitcoin’s transaction speed to provide a better service for its users.

If you enjoy gambling, try out Crypto Games is an easy-to-use crypto casino that sports a range of popular casino games with very reasonable house edges. Deposits and withdrawals are lightning fast and its support team is friendly and efficient.

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