Where to Spend Your Bitcoins in Africa


Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have tremendous potential to bridge the gap when it comes to financial inclusion in the Africa continent. Already, bitcoin and blockchain technology are making it easier for previously unbanked people to transact and have access to services across national borders. This has led to an increase in the number of merchants accepting bitcoin payments. In this guide, you will find ten merchants that allow you to spend your bitcoins in Africa.


Mamamikes is a Kenya-based retail and e-commerce platform. The company offers a wide array of products that include kitchen accessories, electronics, clothing, gift hampers, utility payments and so forth. The company has a number of payment options for East African customers in the diaspora, like Paypal, MasterCard, and Visa. Recently, the company also integrated bitcoin payments into their platform. Already, the company has begun to experience an encouraging number of users paying via bitcoin. Hopefully, this will lead to East African players in tourism, e-commerce, and remittances sectors to start adopting bitcoin in their businesses.

Ashworth Africa

Ashworth Africa is a South African tour company that creates travel itineraries for tourists, adventure seekers, and wildlife enthusiasts. Apart from South Africa, the company also operates in Namibia, Angola, Botswana, Rwanda, Kenya, Zambia, Uganda, and Tanzania. You can pay in bitcoins and start making your travel plans with the help of a travel specialist.


Bidorbuy is a South African online retailer, offering millions of products for sale across multiple categories. The company links up buyers and sellers to trade items through fixed price sales and online auctions. The platform now allows buyers to make payments in bitcoins. If you are interested in a product, but the seller is yet to activate the bitcoin payment option, you can message them and request them to enable it.


Minku is an online boutique and accessories startup based in Lagos, Nigeria. The founder, Kunmi Otitoju, designs fashionable quality bags from local materials and sells them to clients in over 16 different countries. She came to identify bitcoin as having the potential to significantly scale up her business to a fully fledged international online shop. By accepting bitcoin payments her customers can enjoy low fees and quick transactions. As she constantly travels across Europe marketing her products, she says, bitcoin has made it easy for her to receive payments on her laptop or smartphone.

Cape Coffee beans

Cape coffee beans is an online store meant for coffee fans. A customer can order freshly roasted coffee beans from any of artisanal roaster in South Africa. In addition, you can also order a coffee grinder among other items, all at affordable prices. The platform accepts payments in bitcoin and deliveries can be made to any part of the country.

Landmark PC

Landmark Computers is an online store established in 2007 that offers custom-built overclocked computers to high-end gamers in South Africa. Their primary focus is on premium PC hardware. They have monthly offers across their product range and can deliver them to any part of the country. Customers can pay using bitcoin or via conventional payment channels.

Silver Banana

Silver Banana is an online store that specializes in low-cost printing, branding, and customization solutions. Located in Cape Town they have begun accepting bitcoin for online orders and deliveries countrywide. They also cater to the for conventions, conferences, campaigns by offering the full spectrum of name tags, badges, banners, etc.


SafariWithUs is an accredited tour company that sets up dream vacations and accommodations for wildlife, adventure, and ethical safari tours. You can pay in bitcoins by using the PayFast option. The South African company also organizes safari’s in Tanzania and Mozambique.

Sapphire Logistics

Sapphire‘s corporate website showcases the essence of the company’s logistics, products and specialized services they offer to a host of multinational companies in Africa. They handle elements of procurement, product design. raw material specification, distribution, warehousing, website ordering and e-catalogue communication. Clients can pay via bitcoins for any of their services.

Nevada Furniture

Nevada Furniture deals in brand new Ikea products that are imported directly to South Africa. When it comes to furnishing your home Nevada offers cheap, secure and efficient solutions. You can browse their wide collection of products online which include beds, cabinets, space saving drawers, accessories and even office furniture. Their partnership with PayFast enables you to buy any of their products via bitcoin.

If you receive payments in bitcoin, purchasing goods and services at the above-mentioned retailers using bitcoin and ordering them straight to your doorstep might be just what you are looking for.

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