3 Ways To Accept Bitcoin Donations Online


If you are running an NGO or raising funds for a good cause, you should consider tapping into the philanthropic side of the bitcoin community and start to accept bitcoin donations online. In this article, you will find three of the best and most successful ways of how your project could raise more funds by accepting the digital currency bitcoin. 


The majority of bitcoin enthusiasts know BitPay as the company that enables bitcoin payments for merchants but the company also has developed tools to help organisations that want to solicit on-site donations. Their developers have non-profit plugins that are easily compatible with different website platforms. On a site, the developer tools appear like simple buttons, which urge visitors to make donations. So, you can form your template but still incorporate BitPay’s bitcoin donation buttons with your site code. It is simple to add these buttons to your website and an easy way to get started with accepting bitcoin donations. 


The BitAddress website is an excellent platform for registering paper wallets. The paper wallet is cold, which means you can store cash without exposing it to the potential of cyber theft. The wallet from BitAddress can generate the address you need to put on your site. The paper wallet, therefore, receives bitcoins without any connection to internet devices. This makes the valuable donations safe and you can withdraw them at the end of the campaign. 

Check out a previous article about the difference between a cold and hot wallet if the concept of a cold wallet is new to you. 


Among all ways to make or accept a bitcoin donation online, none is as convenient as using a simple QR Code. The QR Code method lets you receive donations safely in your bitcoin address, and thus, you have full control. Generating a QR code is easy, and most wallets have this function. BitAddress is also recommendable in creating a QR Code but you may need to use an online or mobile wallet to accept donations instead. After placing the QR code on the target web page, potential donors can start sending bitcoin donations to your wallet and you will be able to raise more funds for your cause. 

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