BitGive Foundation Launches Donation Transparency Platform GiveTrack

BitGive Foundation

On October 24, 2017, San Francisco-based BitGive Foundation announced the launch of its donation transparency platform GiveTrack.

GiveTrack is a blockchain-based platform that enables donors to donate to charitable causes using bitcoin and track their donations in real-time. In addition, donors can link their contributions to the projects they have donated to and see how their contributions are being used. BitGive CEO Connie Gallippi made the announcement during the Money 20/20 payments and finance event that was held in Las Vegas.

Asked about the platform in an interview with Bitcoin Magazine, she said, “It is a real working version; this will be the first time that it has gone live for anyone to access it.”

Donor Transparency

GiveTrack was developed to enable donors to have full transparency when it comes to how their donations are being used. Most charitable donors had no way of verifying if their contributions were being used for the intended cause.

By making the donation process more transparent using bitcoin and the blockchain, charity fraud can now be reduced. This is made possible by the fact that they are able to track the funds given to a charitable cause in real-time.

As a registered user on GiveTrack, you are able to make your contributions under the discover tab for the featured projects that are currently ongoing and track your donations as they occur or download the report as a CSV file under the donations tab.

“This is a minimal viable product. Essentially, instead of it being a prototype, it is an actual working product, but it is very basic. It doesn’t have a lot of bells and whistles. We will be doing small improvements along the way when we have feedback for things we can fix quickly,” Gallippi said.

Featured Projects

The Water Project and the Malnutrition Program are the flagship pilot projects for GiveTrack. Each project has a description of what the funds are being raised for.

While The Water Project is raising funds to build latrines and a pristine rain catchment for the pupils at Chandolo Primary School in Kenya and train them on hygiene and sanitation, the Malnutrition Program – run by Medic Mobile – is looking for donations for a project that is meant to boost timely monitoring and treatment of malnourished children in Desa Ban, Bali.

Since it was established in 2013, BitGive has partnered with local charities and international relief efforts that are inclined towards building better communities.

Leveraging Bitcoin for Donations

According to Gallippi, GiveTrack stands out from other charity platforms that are backed by blockchain-based on the simple and straightforward approach it uses. For instance, instead of using complex smart tokens and contracts, BitGive only uses bitcoin.

“What we have built is really just a way to make it easier for charities and donors to interact with Bitcoin. We are not doing anything fancy or new with the tech; we are simply making it usable for donors to contribute and then to watch the money move,” Gallippi stated.

GiveTrack is helping the adoption of bitcoin since all donations on the platform can only be made through bitcoin. “When people who don’t know much about bitcoin hear about what we are doing, it makes bitcoin more real for them,” said Gallippi, “this is such a cool use case for it.”

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