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People in Bitcoin: Giacomo Zucco

Giacomo Zucco is a Bitcoin educator, consultant, and researcher.

Giacomo ZuccoIn his own words, “My formal education was in Physics, my “fiat” career was in Technology Consulting for a few years. I quit it to go “Full Bitcoin” in 2014. Since then I founded and co-founded a good number of small Bitcoin startups; some of them were quite successful, while some others were quite unsuccessful.”

One of the startups that Giacomo founded is the B Foundation. This project has been said to be one of the most important in cryptocurrency and is dedicated to BTC and LN development. The foundation solicits donations and is also both “charitable and commercial” in order to “match donors and projects.

At the moment, Giacomo works as an educator and consultant. He is also the CEO of BlockchainLab and an early investor in Relai.

To learn more about Giacomo, visit his social sites listed below.

Twitter: Giacomo Zucco