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7 Hacking Tools That Should Be Illegal But Are Available For Sale Online

Hacking Tools

While most people think that hacking tools are completely illegal, this is far from the truth. Most hacking tools are used on a day-to-day basis by security experts for legitimate purposes. Of course, there are also the so-called “black hat hackers” that you read about in the media who hack into companies or government servers.

There are a lot of fascinating devices, gizmos, and programs used for hacking. In this guide, you will be introduced to the best hacking tools that should probably be illegal but are available for sale on Amazon.

Best Hacking Tools

GPS Spy Audio USB Cable Charger for iPhone, iPod, and iPad

hacking programsThe GPS Spy Audio USB Cable by Jiusion is a devices that on first glance looks like an everyday USB port for Apple devices but, instead, allows users to listen in on people’s conversation.

The cable charger has a SIM card slot that is very well hidden fused with a GPS device that allows for surveillance and real-time tracking through the GPRS system.

For you to use this device, you need to insert your SIM card within the cable to hear other people’s conversations. Because the SIM card comes with its own mobile phone number, you are able to call it each time you want to confirm if it is connected and listen in on any sound.

Since it is hard to know when your target connects their mobile device for you to call in, the cable also provides a voice-activated Callback. To activate the Callback, you will need to text the code ‘1111’ to the SIM card’s phone number that is linked to the cable. This will trigger the Callback service to automatically detect if there is any sound over a 45 decibels range. If there is any sound, the SIM card will automatically call your phone number and you can listen in.

SD Card Sniffer

The SD Card Sniffer by SparkFun is a device that can fool anyone given the size but it is an extremely powerful device that is designed to extract very crucial information from devices such as microcontrollers and logic analysers.

This device works by monitoring Security Parameter Index (SPI) traffic that is liable for the packets allowing it to record important information that if not well encrypted, can make a hacker obtain credentials and system information from the earmarked device. For the SD Card Sniffer to work in this manner, the targeted device needs to have an SD socket that an SD card can go into.

Keyllama USB Keylogger

best hacking toolsAs the name suggests, the Keyllama USB Keylogger is a device that logs every bit of your keyboard’s activity. It is regarded as one of the best hacking tools based on the fact that it is an undetectable device that cannot be detected by any software. In addition, it does not have software that needs to be run for it to work.

Once it is plugged into a computer, it gets activated and can capture typing done on your computer as far back as a year and record all keys. Given that it has a 4MB flash memory, it can store up to 2000 pages of text. This hardware keylogger can also be lodged into wireless keyboards.

Wireless USB Adaptor

This Wireless USB Adaptor manufactured by Alfa is inevitable for any Wi-Fi hack. It supports packet injection that enables it to not only find but access Wi-Fi networks that are as far as hundreds of meters away.

It is also compatible with certain versions of Windows, Vista, and XP operating systems and boasts of a high transmitter power of 28 decibel-milliwatts. There are lots of tutorials online that newbie hackers can use to learn how to use this adaptor to breach networks and send out data/information.

Proxmark3 Kit

The Proxmark3 Kit device is designed for those who want to gain access to buildings or safes that require a security tag to gain access. This device has the ability to read and clone just about any Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tags.

RFID is a chip that is found in items such as security badges. The chip emits radio waves when triggered by a reader in the case of security badges which can then be read and copied to unlock doors or allow entry into buildings.

HackRF One

The HackRF One is a powerful radio receiver and transmitter that can be used for different kinds of manipulations such as unlocking car doors.

Car hacking has grown in popularity over the past years thanks to the incorporation of electronic systems that incorporate a car’s lock system. Given that the HackRF One has a high transmission range, the radio signals can be used to unlock a car and even start it.

Digital Spy Recorder

This Digital Spy Recorder by EyeSpy has the ability to record people talking up to 140 hours. Hackers can use this USB to record conversations thanks to how discreet and easy to hide it is. The device is a voice-activated recorder that you will need to place it where you want it and leave it there. When it hears any sound, it will start recording and then go into sleep mode when the sound stops to save disk space and battery life.

Disclaimer: While these hacking tools are readily available online, using them to commit a crime is illegal and can incur lengthy prison sentences. These tools should never be used to gain unauthorised access to anyone’s device. Instead, the information provided in this guide should help you to become aware of cyber security threats that you need to protect yourself against. 

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