How to Promote Bitcoin in Your Community


When Satoshi Nakamoto came up with bitcoin in 2008, he probably did not know how far the project would spread. Today, there are already millions of bitcoin users in the world but if bitcoin is going to become a globally accepted digital currency, then its users must be ready to tell the world about it.

If you would like your local community to reap the benefits of investing and transacting in bitcoin, read the following four tips on how to promote bitcoin in your community.

Start a local Facebook group 

Facebook is the world’s third most popular website after Google and YouTube. In Africa alone, Facebook has more than 150 million active users. The majority of African elites and educated people are Internet users and you can tap that potential. Facebook groups are easy to create, and once you do that, invite your friends. On the forum, you can guide them on the basics and benefits of using bitcoin over fiat currency and as a new alternative investment asset class. One of my favourite bitcoin facebook groups is the very active Bitcoin Traders Kenya group. I highly recommend you check it out! 

Hold local bitcoin meetups or talks

No marketing strategy can beat one-on-one conversations. You can start evening bitcoin classes for beginners or monthly local meetups in your area.  Not only will you meet people interested in learning more about bitcoin but you may also find new friends or potential business partners. 

Start a blog that focuses on bitcoin awareness in your city/country

Launching a bitcoin awareness blog specific to your country or city is a great way to spread the word locally. In fact, that was the primary reason why was launched in the first place.  According to Internet Live Stats, at least 13.5% of Africans have access to the web, which means there is a huge market for you to tap into and spread the bitcoin gospel. 

Write about bitcoin for your local newspaper as a guest writer

Newspapers have a broad audience and about 30% of the African population relies on newspapers for information. If you have an opportunity to contribute to publications, then you can use the moment to make bitcoin attractive. Most newspaper readers, for instance, are curious about news and you can tap into that as a guest writer. Many local newspapers have a ‘readers digest’ section that publishes articles from the audience. That would be a good place to start.

Leverage social gatherings

Africans are known to be social. They converge in churches, schools, and cultural meetings. If you get a chance to speak at such meetings, it is an opportunity to introduce bitcoin as a smart way of investing and making payments. Anytime you have an opportunity to talk; you can explain a little about cryptocurrency and then refer them to your Facebook group, meetup or relevant forums for more information. That way, you will convince someone to become a bitcoin user. 

There are many ways you can promote bitcoin. You do not need to be Satoshi Nakamoto or Garvin Andresen to spread the bitcoin revolution. Instead, you only need to talk to a few people about it to make a difference. 

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Kinyua Njeri

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