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Top 10 Best EOS Wallets, Reviewed for 2020

EOS wallets


If you are looking for a secure EOS wallet, you have come to the right place. In this guide, you will find a list of the top ten EOS wallets that you can use to securely safeguard your tokens in 2020.

Best EOS Wallets

Below you will find a list of the leading EOS wallets, categorised in different currently available wallet types.

Desktop EOS Wallets


best EOS walletsSimplEOS is an open source desktop wallet created exclusively for the EOS ecosystem. SimplEOS incorporates all features available in the EOS.IO software and was designed with security and transparency in mind.

The SimplEOS version 0.7.2 provides multi-chain support, enabling you to connect to other chains like Testnets, Worbli, BOS Mainnet, etc. The wallet also offers DApp interactions although this feature is still in beta phase and will improve in subsequent versions.

SimplEOS also allows users to vote on referendums in the EOS Mainnet and stake their EOS tokens.

SimplEOS features:

  • Multiple Accounts Support
  • Ownership of private key via an owner key
  • Compatible with Windows, Linux, and Mac
  • Automatic Backup

VERDICT: If you want a multichain EOS wallet with a number of exciting features under development, try out SIimplEOS.

GreyMass EOS Voter

EOS walletGreyMass EOS Voter is a GUI light wallet and block producer voting app for the EOS blockchain. The open source project is being spearheaded by the Greymass team, who aim to increase participation in the EOS ecosystem.

The wallet enables you to stake your EOS as either CPU or bandwidth.

GreyMass EOS Voter Features:

  • Multiple accounts support
  • Private key encryption
  • Compatible with Windows, Mac OS, and Linux

VERDICT: If you are looking for a secure light wallet that enables you to stake your EOS, try out GreyMass EOS Voter.

Scatter EOS Wallet

best EOS walletScatter EOS Wallet is a multi-asset desktop wallet that supports digital assets such as EOS, ether, Tron and more. The wallet has a single sign-on feature which enables users to interact with counterparty applications. Scatter EOS is open source and has a Google Chrome browser extension.

Scatter has an in-built token exchange mechanism which allows you to swap a variety of cryptos. Furthermore, you can anonymously sign transactions on the EOS blockchain using your private keys.

Scatter EOS features:

  • Easy-to-Use Interface
  • Ownership of private keys
  • Compatible with Windows, Linux, and Mac OS

VERDICT: If you looking for an EOS desktop wallet with an exchange feature, try out Scatter EOS Wallet.

EOS Mobile Wallets

EOS Lynx Wallet

EOS mobile walletEOS Lynx is a mobile wallet for storing, sending and receiving EOS tokens. The wallet is designed for the average consumer and has one of the simplest and most intuitive user experience available in the market. The app gives users control over their account and private keys. The wallet offers a DApp explorer where you can discover your favourite games, shop and more via your EOS Lynx wallet.

EOS Lynx features:

  • Great UI
  • Control of private keys
  • Compatible with iOS, Android and Windows
  • Easy to set up an account

VERDICT: If you prefer an easy-to-use and secure mobile wallet to store your EOS, try out EOS Lynx.

Infinito EOS Wallet

EOS WalletInfinito EOS Wallet is a multi-functional EOS wallet that also supports over 1,000 other digital assets. The wallet provides you with unrestricted access to all your private keys and therefore, you have full control of your funds. You can also interact with EOS DApps via the Infinito Square integration.

The Infinito wallet allows you to purchase crypto using fiat money. Interestingly, you can use the wallet’s crypto lending feature to make a profit from accumulated interest by disbursing ‘crypto loans’. In addition, you can exchange multiple digital assets on the app.

Infinito EOS features:

  • Superior UX
  • Import/Export private keys
  • Compatible with Android and iOS

VERDICT: If you prefer a multi-asset mobile wallet that offers a fiat-crypto gateway, try the Infinito EOS wallet.

Hybrid EOS Wallets

imToken Wallet

imTokenimToken Wallet is a multi-currency mobile wallet including EOS, ether, bitcoin and more. imToken enables you to manage multiple chain wallets using one mnemonic passphrase. The wallet offers a hassle-free token management system where you can send and receive tokens through QR codes.

The offline signing feature ensures your EOS holdings are practically in cold storage. Furthermore, you can authenticate DApps and sign transactions directly from your in-app browser. You can trade tokens by utilising the in-built token exchange, which deploys smart contracts for seamless trading experience. If you already have an EOS wallet you can import it to the imToken platform.

imToken features:

  • Smart contract functionality
  • Private Keys stored within the device
  • Compatible with iOS and Android
  • Encrypted backup synchronisation to IFPSA

VERDICT: imToken is a secure multi-chain wallet that allows you to import your existing wallet.

Edge Wallet

EdgeEdge is a multi-currency mobile wallet that supports over twelve cryptocurrencies including EOS. Edge is an open source wallet that is simple to navigate and has strong privacy features.

The wallet uses client-side encryption, which protects your personal information and stores your private keys in your device. Edge also allows you to purchase crypto through the fiat-crypto gateways, access gift cards, mobile top-ups and crypto exchange services within the app.

Edge features:

  • Superior mobile UX
  • Private keys protected with client-side encryption
  • Compatible with Android and iOS
  • Multi-synchronisation backup feature

VERDICT: If you are looking for a secure multi-asset mobile wallet that is suitable for trading EOS on-the-go, try the Edge wallet.

Guarda Wallet

best ethereum walletsGuarda Wallet is an open source multi-currency light wallet that supports multiple cryptoassets including EOS, ether, and bitcoin, among others. The wallet protects your private key by storing it in your device secure memory, and auto-deletes once you log out from the wallet. You can also import and export your private keys from and to other wallets.

Guarda users can purchase crypto using fiat on the wallet. The wallet has a custody free exchange service where you can trade your digital assets.

Guarda features:

  • Simple UI
  • Private keys stored within the device
  • Compatible with Windows, Linux, Mac OS, iOS and Android
  • AES encrypted backup feature

VERDICT: Guarda is a secure and reliable cross-platform wallet, with the benefit of enabling you to purchase EOS using fiat money.

Hardware EOS Wallets

Ledger Nano S

ledger moneroLedger Nano S is a popular hardware wallet that incorporates a number of security features to safely store your EOS. The Ledger Nano S is a multi-currency wallet that supports over 1,000 digital assets including EOS.

The portable Nano S device allows you to store your EOS coins offline and has an in-built LED screen which you can use to view transaction details, with the tap of a single button. To access your EOS you can plug the USB to a PC, let the wallet set up and manage their portfolio. In addition, you can use the My EOS Wallet (MEOW) integration to manage your EOS holdings in the Nano S.

Ledger Nano S features:

  • Excellent UI & UX
  • Access to private keys
  • Compatible with Linux, Mac OS, and Windows
  • Backup and restore feature

VERDICT: The Ledger Nano S is a secure hardware wallet that provides cold storage for your EOS holdings and is considered the most secure option for storing digital assets.

EOS Paper Wallet

EOS DAppsEOS paper wallet is a physical wallet generated online and can be printed on paper. Generally, the wallet is considered secure since it is not connected to the Internet and is, therefore, not susceptible to hacking or malware. However, a paper wallet is prone to risks such as fire, loss or theft and it is advisable for users to make multiple copies, and store them in several secure locations.

VERDICT: EOS paper wallet is a secure method of storing EOS offline, second only to a hardware wallet. 

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