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How to Earn Free Ripple (XRP) Online in 2023

Earn Free Ripple

You don’t always have to buy Ripple (XRP) through a crypto exchange, you can also earn free Ripple XRP) from a range of crypto faucets. Read on to discover top faucets that allow you to earn free XRP.

Top 5 XRP Faucets

XRP Faucet is a well-known and straightforward faucet that allows you to earn free Ripple every hour. To earn Ripple, you must participate in certain activities such as doing game reviews or answering questions from a survey. Users earn about 0.0007 XRP every hour when they take part in the activities.

Key features of

  • You earn XRP every hour
  • Users participate in surveys and game reviews
  • Inactive accounts are blocked every 30 days
  • A destination tag must be used when withdrawing free XRP is a great way to earn free Ripple. Therefore if you don’t have the finances to buy from a crypto exchange, consider using this platform. is based on a game of dice roll in which users get free Ripple from playing. This faucet is user-friendly and is known to have more than 41 million played games. With more than 500,000 members and 8 million XRP won, it’s a legit faucet. 

Key features of

  • Users can instantly withdraw free XRP after having met the minimum which is 1 XRP.
  • Users earn Ripple every one hour of participation.
  • It has a good referral program where users earn 50% commission with no limits.
  • Users get free promo codes from CoinFaucet’s interactive social media to earn more Ripple.

If you’re looking for a credible faucet with numerous ways of earning free XRP, consider is a popular and trusted multi-coin faucet. Its lifetime referral arrangement allows users to get 25% of their friends’ earnings. Users can only withdraw a minimum of 2 XRP to a normal Ripple wallet or an XRP wallet from FaucetHub. 

Key features of

  • Users earn Ripple every 5 minutes or 300 seconds
  • Users participate by playing games, mining, solving captchas and SolveMedia
  • It is a multi-coin faucet where users also earn various cryptocurrencies
  • It has fast and consistent XRP and other coins payout to its users is easy to use and distributes more than one coin making it a good faucet for earning free coins. is another popular multi-coin faucet where users earn free XRP by participating in various games. You cannot withdraw funds from this faucet directly to your wallet as they have to go through You can also get bonus boosters by participating in the daily lottery or the affiliate program. 

Key features of

  • It is a multi-coin faucet where you can also earn different cryptos
  • Users cannot withdraw free XRP or any other coin to a direct wallet.
  • You can claim boosters from the daily lottery and the affiliate program.
  • Users earn free Ripple every 15 minutes of play.

A newbie in the crypto niche will find a good platform to earn free XRP. is a faucet that allows people to earn XRP after completing certain tasks. These tasks include surveys, downloading apps, watching ads, and videos. Any user can withdraw their free Ripple directly to an exchange or personal wallet. 

Key Features of

  • It’s a multi-coin faucet where users can earn various cryptos 
  • Users can apply and complete jobs like data entry to earn free Ripple.
  • You can earn free Ripple from 5-30 minutes of doing a survey.
  • To withdraw the free Ripple comes at a fee which is point form.

If you’re looking for a faucet that lets you participate in various activities while earning XRP, can work for you.

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