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MTN Nigeria: Mobile Money, Data and Tariff Plans in 2022

MTN Nigeria

MTN Nigeria started offering mobile money services in 2019, a move that could make the country the largest mobile money market on the continent. Keep reading to learn more about mobile money in Nigeria and the data and tariff plans that MTN offers.

About MTN Nigeria

MTN Nigeria was founded in 2001. Since then, the telecom company has garnered more than 60 million subscribers and invested over two trillion Naira. MTN Nigeria has been offering voice and data services.

MTN has a 38 percent share of the Nigerian telecom market, followed by Globacom and Airtel at 26 and 27 percent, respectively.

Mobile Money

MTN Mobile Money

In 2019, the company launched MTN mobile money services in the country. Yellow Digital Financial Services, a subsidiary of MTN Nigeria, is the operator of the mobile money (MoMo) agent service. Agents are neighbourhood shop-owners that enable people to send and receive money and pay bills. These agents are spread across Nigeria.

“The possibility of MTN MoMo Agent having an impact on the same scale with M-Pesa in Kenya will have to wait as there is currently one key difference between both services: given its current license, MTN MoMo Agent can only offer financial services through its agent network rather than offering users the convenience of doing transactions on their phones via their mobile money accounts,” Yomi Kazeem wrote in an article on Quartz Africa.

Users have three mobile money account options to choose from: MTN unbanked, semi-banked, and fully banked. The transaction limit for the unbanked account is N3,000, and the daily limit is N30,000.

The transaction limits for the semi-banked and fully banked accounts are N10,000 and N100,000, while the daily limits are N100,000 and N1,000,000.

Mobile Money Fees

The fees for using mobile money are as tabled below.

Service Fees (Naira)
Phone-to-phone money transfer 10
Phone-to-cash money transfer 2% of the transaction
Cash-out from account 1% of the transaction
Balance enquiry 5
Mini statement 30 per request

The minimum amount that you can transfer is N100. The sending and paying agents receive part of the transaction fees charged.

MTN Nigeria Data Plans

mtn nigeria data plan

MTN Nigeria offers various data plans ranging from daily to yearly. The plans are shown in the tables below.

Daily data bundles

Price (Naira) Data Validity USSD Code
50 37.5MB 24 hours *131*114#
100 112.5MB 24 hours *131*104#
200 200MB 48 hours *131*113#
300 1GB 24 hours *131*155#
500 2GB 48 hours *131*154#

Weekly data bundles

Price (Naira) Data Validity USSD Code
300 350MB 7 days *131*102#
500 1GB 7 days *131*142#
1,500 6GB 7 days *131*143#
500 750MB 14 days *131*103#

Monthly Data Bundles

Price (Naira) Data Validity USSD Code
1000 1.5GB 30 days *131*106#
1200 2GB + 4GB free YouTube once in 30 days 30 days *131*130#
1500 3GB 30 days *131*131#
2000 4.5GB 30 days *131*110#
2500 6GB 30 days *131*147#
3500 10GB 30 days *131*107#
5000 15GB 30 days *131*116#
10,000 40GB 30 days *131*117#
15,000 75GB 30 days *131*150#
20,000 110GB 30 days *131*149#

Other Data Bundles

The following are data bundles for two months, three months, and yearly.

Two months

Price (Naira) Data Validity USSD Code
20,000 75GB 60 days *131*118#
30,000 120GB 60 days *131*138#

Three months

Price (Naira) Data Validity USSD Code
50,000 150GB 90 days *131*133#
75,000 250GB 90 days *131*134#

365 days

Price (Naira) Data Validity USSD Code
120,000 400GB 365 days *131*156#
250,000 1000GB 365 days *131*136#
450,000 2000GB 365 days *131*137#

You can rollover your unused data by buying another bundle from the same category as your current plan. For this to work, buy the new bundle before the current one expires. Moreover, MTN Nigeria offers various data bonuses for activating a data bundle.

MTN Nigeria Tariff Plans

mtn nigeria tariff plans

MTN Nigeria provides its customers with a variety of tariff plans inclusive of attractive packages. Here are some of the tariff plans:


Pulse is a prepaid tariff plan that comprises of the following:

  • A flat rate of 11.26k per second for calls across all networks after spending NGN 15.6K each day
  • 750MB 3-day data bundle at N300 and 1.5GB weekly data bundle at N500
  • 250MB and 500MB Nightlife bundle at N25 and N50 respectively
  • 350MB IG and Tiktok Lite at N100 and 1GB IG and Tiktok Heavy at N200
  • You will get a data bonus on the first recharge of the month


The mPulse tariff plan is for students aged nine to 15 years old. The service provides the mPulse website, a platform with educational and fun content.

Some of the benefits you will get include:

  • 700MB data bundles for N150 and 200MB for N50
  • Birthday reward of N200 in airtime
  • Free WhatsApp every month for seven days


TruTalk is a prepaid service that allows customers to get a flat rate of 11.26 kobo per second for calls across all networks after paying an access fee of N7.17.


Awuf4U is an offer that rewards users with a 400% airtime bonus on each recharge from N100 or a 275% airtime bonus on each recharge between N1 and N99. To get this offer, dial *888*PIN#.


BetaTalk also rewards customers with an airtime bonus on recharge. You will receive a 150% airtime bonus on each recharge under N100 and a 250% on each recharge from N100. The prepaid tariff plan also offers 35MB at N50 and 250MB at N200.

Other Tariff Plans

MTN Nigeria offers other tariff plans listed below.


The XtraValue tariff plan rewards customers with airtime for sending national SMSs, making national and international calls, and for surfing after buying an XtraValue data bundle. International calls are limited to selected countries.

You can select the XtraTalk bundle that rewards you with more airtime than data or the XtraData bundle that gives you more data than airtime.

XtraSpecial Prepaid

When you subscribe to this tariff plan, you will enjoy a flat rate of 15.36k per second for calls to all networks and 18 international destinations. Furthermore, you will enjoy a 3.75GB monthly bundle for N1500 and a 4.5GB monthly bundle at N2000.

XtraSpecial Postpaid

The flat rate charge is the same as the XtraSpecial Prepaid. However, MTN will not charge you an access fee. With this tariff plan, you will also get a 4.5GB monthly data bundle for N2000.

To find out how MTN mobile money works, check out this guide.