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Ethereum 101: What Is It And How Is It Different to Bitcoin?



Ethereum 101
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Cryptocurrency is a hot topic today, especially given how the various cryptocurrencies offered tout things such as security, privacy, and anonymity to people who use them. While Bitcoin remains as perhaps the most popular cryptocurrency today, competition like Ethereum has started to dominate the field. Just what is Ethereum, and how is it different to Bitcoin?

Ethereum 101: What Is It?

What is EthereumIf you’ve ever heard of Ethereum, you’ll most likely associate it with Bitcoin. And while there are some similarities, Ethereum is very different from Bitcoin. In fact, Bitcoin and Ethereum are just two of hundreds of applications that use blockchain technology. If you want to learn about Ethereum, it’s best to begin with understanding what a blockchain is first.

In essence, a blockchain is a type of digital ledger that records information. Whereas real life ledgers are controlled by an entity — be it you, an owner, or a bank — a blockchain is a ledger that’s owned by everyone. It’s a ledger that logs in changes only when all users allow these changes to happen, through cryptography. Each “change”  becomes a block in this “chain” of changes, hence the name. A blockchain has three central properties:

  • Private and anonymous: Blockchains offer a lot of anonymity and safety to users, not only because a lot of systems are capable of hiding their identities, but because blockchains are self-contained into their own groups. Unless an outsider is allowed to enter, they can’t influence a chain’s activities.
  • Decentralized systems free of external influence: Unlike ledgers and accounts controlled by banks, blockchains develop trust via decentralizing their systems. This means there’s no one owner of the blockchain, and everyone decides whether a particular change is acceptable.
  • Secure and protected: Blockchains have become extremely attractive because of their means to provide safe transactions between users. Users pitch in part of their computing power to solve cryptographic puzzles that allow transactions to take place. Cryptographic puzzles in blockchains are only solvable by computers with a lot of computing power. People who volunteer their systems for this process, called miners, are compensated with cryptocurrency or other services as a result.

Ethereum: How Is It Different To Bitcoin?

With the above in mind, it may now be much easier to digest just how Ethereum differs from Bitcoin. While Ethereum is in itself a blockchain network distributed to the public, there are several technical differences between them. Here are some of the key things that differentiate the two concepts:

  • Facilitate exchanges via smart contracts: Unlike Bitcoin that focuses on maintaining a digital wallet, Ethereum users actually rely on things called smart contracts. These contracts are akin to actual contracts, as they facilitate some form of exchange. In the case of Ethereum, smart contracts also work by exchanging anything of value such as shares, property, content, or even money.  The fact that users can make different kinds of smart contracts — and therefore make different applications — can make trading in Ethereum quite an exciting prospect.
  • Trade in services and features, that can be formed into apps: Whereas miners in Bitcoin mine for the currency, Ethereum miners actually mine for something called Ether. This is a type of cryptographic token that can be used to avail services and transaction fees inside the network. Ethereum in itself is a “marketplace” of sorts where users can actually trade in various features and functionalities of smart contracts for Ether.
  • Very flexible and customizable for clients and owners: People who want to interact with cryptocurrencies would know how tricky it is to do things anonymously when ease-of-use is in the question. Even bank accounts can be tricky, especially when it comes to the string of numbers and letters just to send money. Ethereum is flexible in this regard as recent services like the Ethereum name service is making waves in making it much easier for everyone to access Ethereum. This is because the ENS is actually a service that allows users to tie in unique domain names to their wallet addresses, making services much easier to handle.
  • Built-in system to help users run programs: Given that Ethereum relies on “trading” and creating all sorts of applications to facilitate trade, the problem of running them comes in. After all, different applications have different sets of requirements and needs. The creator of Ethereum, Vitalik Buterin, solved this by creating an Ethereum Virtual Machine that runs on the Ethereum network and allows any user to run programs of any programming language given enough memory and time. As such, instead of creating entirely new chains for new applications, there can be one single platform for all sorts of applications.
  • Deployment and use across different industries: Whereas Bitcoins can be used to trade for services, Ethereum can be used to outsource different sorts of programs into a secure, anonymous, and tamper-free network. These applications aren’t controlled by individual entities, and users will have to make changes to the applications together. This makes it quite a revolutionary move for a lot of companies, as now entire teams and even industries can make a consensus on how to change applications, and no one user has complete control over everything.

Ethereum Trumps Bitcoin With Features

Ethereum and Bitcoin are online cryptocurrencies, yes, and they do follow similar procedures given their nature as blockchains. However, their similarities stop there. Ethereum does trump Bitcoin in a few factors of its own, especially considering its increasing popularity as an “alternative” for Bitcoin. This article hopefully gave you a much better understanding of how Ethereum works and how it may be used for your benefit.


5 Tips for Trading Cryptocurrency



Tips for Trading Cryptocurrency

Whether you are a complete beginner to trading cryptocurrency or you have been trading for a few years but simply want a few pointers, there are always a few ways that you can improve your trading and start to earn more money. Much like regular trading, cryptocurrency trading can be complicated and confusing, but if you are willing to put the work in, then you could succeed and earn the right amount of money through your investments.

Here are five handy tips that will hopefully help you to get started with cryptocurrency trading. 

Diversify Your Investments

Crypto trading tips

Much like with regular investing, it is best to diversify your investments so that you do not have all of your eggs in one basket.

Spreading your investment across different coins will mitigate risk, and it is an intelligent strategy which should always be used when investing – it is a good idea to place the majority of your money into a stable coin, like Bitcoin, and then to invest small amounts in those that have more significant potential (but higher risk).

Always Do Your Research

Investing blindly is never a good idea, no matter what you are investing in, even if it has been recommended from a trusted source.

It is essential to always carry out your own research so that you are an informed investor, which should help you to avoid making significant mistakes or being taken advantage of by those looking to exploit less-informed investors (of which there are many). The internet is a fantastic resource for researching and learning more about cryptocurrency, but just make sure that you are getting your information from reliable sources.

Do Not Follow the Crowd

Leading on from this, you should avoid following the crowd when it comes to cryptocurrency investing (and any other type). By the time a crowd has formed, it is usually too late as large jumps often are followed by dips. Therefore, you should always do your own research and try to identify trends before they form.

Use Crypto Telegram Signals

One way to identify trends before they form is to use crypto telegram signals, which are trade tips for buying or selling a coin at a particular price and time. These tips are provided by experts that carefully watch the markets and use their expertise to help investors to make the right decision and at the right time.

Learn from Your Mistakes

Mistakes and losses are inevitable when it comes to investing, particularly in volatile markets like cryptocurrency. A good investor is one who will use any loss as a learning experience so that they can avoid making the same mistake again and become a better, more informed, and confident investor.

These tips should help any cryptocurrency investor to start making better decisions and make more money with their trades. It can be confusing and complicated and there are sure to be a few mistakes along the way, but as you learn, you will become a better and more confident investor and enjoy playing the markets.

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How to Earn Bitcoin by Playing Online Games



Playing Online Games

There are many ways to earn bitcoin without making a single deposit of just a unit of Satoshi. You can earn bitcoin from taking online polls, playing new slots, after the delivery of a freelance job, or even from faucet sites. Many platforms are now adopting bitcoin as their legal tender; China is in this race, too. A lot of these outlets pay in BTC, and you can easily earn bitcoin from them if you can work hard for an extended time.

But there is an alternative way of earning bitcoin. You guessed it right! By playing video games online using your PC or SmartPhone. This online casino real money Canada slots are some of the best you can think of, and the fact that you can earn bitcoin while playing your favourite games is enough a reason why you should try it!


SparkProfit is one of the go-to Bitcoin games just like many of the games in Mr. Bet. You have to learn how to stay away from your Top Ramen in your grandma’s basement. With this, you are good to go in this game.

It is a trading simulation that gives you the courage to make predictions in the forex and cryptocurrency marketplace. Bitcoin casino Canada is the leading cryptocurrency for online casino deposits. More points will be available to you when you make more accurate predictions. You can withdraw from this platform using bitcoin anytime you like.

Altcoin Fantasy 

This is another virtual platform where you trade games. This platform can also teach you the art of trading in an environment void of risks. It features a competitive leaderboard environment that does not allow you to lose your precious money.

You can trade altcoins on their site using their mobile app or on their website. You can play their games using both iOS and Android devices. Pitching their tents only in Canada and the US for now, the company wishes to extend their tentacles to Hong Kong, South Korea, and Japan very soon.

Tremor Games 

Tremor is a web gaming site that provides you with a plethora of games, similar to what you have in another distinctive flash arcade. But then, it is dissimilar to a standard run-of-the-mill gaming site in that you’ll get your payment through “Tremor Coins” as you keep progressing in the game. You can get the equivalence of the tremor points you’ve accumulated over time in Bitcoins when you exchange them for withdrawals. 

BItfun is a standard faucet site. It allows you to play a plethora of games for about three minutes. For each win you make, you’ll earn some bitcoin.

Satoshi Quiz 

This is an exciting and engaging game that awards you a thousand Satoshis for each question you answer correctly. Don’t expect it to be all the questions to be all rosy. There are both easy and tough questions that you have precisely one minute to answer. If you are good with this quiz, you stand the chance of winning up to a million Satoshis.

Quiz BTC 

This quiz is a competitive styled quiz, and it lets you win free bitcoin when you right answer one question. The faster you are on answering these questions, the more Satoshis you stand to gain. New questions are posted every minute, and the winner of the quiz goes home with Satoshis.

Storm Play 

Storm Play is a straightforward and refreshing way of earning free bitcoin, Ether, and STORM when you use their services and products. You can deposit your earnings your wallet, Exodus, or to your Coinbase account.

This guest contribution was written by Loyd Pelto. He is a professional freelance writer. From his posts, you can learn about online casinos, crypto casinos, and how to make predictions on sports betting. 

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How To Get Started With Web Staking



black man macbook

Staking is one of the easiest ways to earn investment income with cryptocurrencies. In this guide, we explore how to get started with web staking to earn income on your digital asset holdings. 

How PoS Staking Works

The proof-of-stake (PoS) algorithm deployed by a large number of cryptocurrency networks involves participants “staking” digital asset holdings in order to secure the network. In exchange for staking, these validators receive staking rewards. 

To stake cryptocurrency, you will have to reserve large sums of a particular cryptocurrency in your wallet and connect it to the blockchain as a delegate/staker by holding it in the network’s official wallet. After this, you will begin to receive rewards on a (usually) daily basis for your service on the blockchain. The higher the number of cryptocurrency staked, the higher the validation power and staking reward.

For instance, on the Tezos blockchain, transactions are validated when bakers (individuals with large sums of tezzies (XTZ) reserved) watch the network and create blocks. These delegates are then rewarded with newly minted tezzies (XTZ).

Ethereum, the second-largest blockchain network, is currently using a proof-of-work (PoW) consensus algorithm but plans to move to proof-of-stake soon as its developers recognise the value of this alternative method of securing a decentralised blockchain network and rewarding participants.

Recently, third-party providers have launched staking-as-a-service, allowing users to stake cryptocurrencies without having to handle the technical aspects of it themselves. 

Another new development is web staking, a concept that intends to open up staking opportunities to more people. 

Web Staking CREDIT

Terra Credit

Web staking refers to performing staking on a web platform or application. It is a less demanding method of earning passive income with cryptocurrencies as it requires very little activity from the user. An example of a web staking platform is the Terrabit Staking web application.

Terrabit markets the platform as a “service to CREDIT holders as a new and convenient way to earn staking rewards.”

The platform allows users to stake CREDIT, the native token of the TerraBit blockchain. CREDIT is a utility token that enables users to access special features on Terrabit.

CREDIT holders pay zero-fee transactions, faster payments, and web staking. Users can earn up to 100% ROI by staking CREDIT on the Terrabit staking application. The staking collateral threshold for Terrabit is 10,000 CREDIT. This means that you need at least ten thousand coins to start staking and receive rewards.

Top features on the Terrabit staking app include:

  • Web-based CREDIT staking up to 100% per year
  • Hourly rewards
  • No lock-in period
  • Intuitive interface

Terrabit is a South African cryptocurrency trading platform that offers fiat-to-crypto services for five African countries. What’s more, CREDIT is trading on Bitforex, allowing users to change the cryptocurrency for others on an external exchange.

Additionally, CREDIT’s developers already recognised the trend of PoS staking over 18 months ago when they decided to opt for PoS as their network’s consensus algorithm. 

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