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Crypto Africa Expo Brings the Biggest Blockchain Expo to the Local African Community



Crypto Africa Expo
Images by Crypto Africa Expo

Africa’s largest peer-to-peer networking, expo and exhibition will take place on March 2 – 3, 2019 in Maponya Mall, Soweto, Johannesburg. The blockchain is taking African market by storm and the continent’s community is embracing this new technology with love, hope, and belief that it can change industries and systems for better. 

To help speed up blockchain education and adoption, Crypto Africa Expo is committing to hosts recurring events, expos, and seminars across the African continent. There is so much ground to be covered in order to see every household benefiting from this technology. Historically the continent has always been left behind when it comes to such revolutions for reasons such as lack of access to communication and the Internet.

According to Google Trends, several African countries had the highest number of online searches for “blockchain” and “bitcoin” last year, with Ghana and South Africa taking the lead. Africa is the world’s second fastest growing economic region behind Asia and is expected to continue growing in 2018 (AFDB). Smartphone penetration is also on the rise and estimated to hit 50 percent by 2020, up from only two percent in 2010 (WEF). Africa is an early adopter rather than a follower and poised to embrace the blockchain.

“We don’t do hotels, conference rooms but we take your brand to the people,” says Elson Mabhena, the Manager of Crypto Africa Expo.

Understanding the African Market

Location: Statistics show that 98 percent of events and expos are organised in upmarket areas and very expensive hotels and conference rooms. This only attracts very few people that are normally mentioned as elites. These people are the only ones with access to such events invitation and can afford the high ticket fees.

Attendance: If you study 10 of the last events you would agree that they only attract a handful of attendees ranging from 300 to 600. This deprives the sponsors and partners who would have paid large sums of money to participate in the event to have their expectations met. Sponsors want to see traffic, they want engagement with the right market. They are not exhibiting just to see few people and interact with other exhibitors. They want value for their marketing budget spent on being invited to such expos.

Exclusion: The people who need blockchain solutions are from the poor communities up to the wealthy ones. Mass adoption will happen from the most disadvantaged background population when they start to understand the real use cases of the blockchain technology. With the rate at which these events and seminars are hosted the real problems are not met and general masses excluded in the revolution.

Why This Why Will be the Biggest Blockchain Expo in Africa?

Crypto Africa ExpoCrypto Africa Expo is taking blockchain technology to the right market. After careful research of the above problems, we are sure to make the information and services accessible to everyone. We target areas that have lots of traffic and convenient for everyone and we choose to hosts our events. The next event will be held at Maponya Mall. We have booked the whole Shopping Centre for our sponsors and partners. There are more than 40 000 to 50 000 people who visit Maponya Mall on a month-end weekend. The initiative is to take blockchain projects to people and our sponsors will have a busy time engaging with the curious market, ready for any potential solution to the ecosystem. 

Invitation for Sponsored and Exhibitions

This event is expected to attract big names, startups and fintech companies in the blockchain space that provides projects and solutions that can benefit communities. Sponsors and exhibitors will come from local startups, and all over Africa and abroad. We have seen innovators like Binance Labs committing to accelerate blockchain adoption in Africa. We appreciate such level of engagement as it gives the local blockchain entrepreneurs a platform and much-needed skills and knowledge of utilising the blockchain technology opportunities.

We are still accepting sponsors, partners, and exhibitors who have real projects that provide real solutions. Book early as the spots are being taken fast. The dates are March 2 – 3, 2019. Send an email for partnership packages request to Website:

*Readers should do their own due diligence before taking any actions related to the company, product or service. is not responsible, directly or indirectly, for any loss or damage caused by or in connection with the use of or reliance on any content, product or service mentioned in this press release.*

Terra Credit

Press Releases

The Best Cryptocurrency Investment of 2019 – Expect 1000% Returns by the End of 2020



Terra Credit

Rational or irrational, either way, CREDIT project by Terra Foundation is for sure taking the world by storm this upcoming year. My job is to manage hundreds of projects and to scout promising projects to be listed at Catex Exchange, one of the largest Cryptocurrency exchanges in the world according to CoinMarketCap. Since the beginning, we have developed the grading criteria that we use to measure the profitability of new projects. I will explain these grading criteria to you in four different areas and how it tells me that CREDIT will easily be the most profitable Cryptocurrency that you hold for the next year.

Grading Criteria #1 — Team Strength and Work Ethic

Terra CreditThis is the very first characteristic of a potential successful project that I look for. It is easy for me to grade this criterion because CREDIT has been listed on Catex Exchange for almost a year now and they have been one of the projects that have stood out among the others. Dan Ronchese is the CEO of the company and he has done an outstanding job so far.

CREDIT did not have any IEO or ICO, however, they did manage to acquire thousands of holders around the world. Without raising funds, their team was able to develop a fully functioning ecosystem of MVPs that focuses on the emerging markets of Africa. In the short time since CREDIT project being launched, about 1 year ago, they have accomplished 100x more than other projects would have that raised millions of dollars in public/private funding.

All of the team members seem to be working in stride and for the reason, I will give this criterion A+.

Grading Criteria #2 — Current Products Developed by the Team

best cryptocurrency investmentSpeaking of MVPs, Minimum Viable Product, CREDIT team has created many, and I mean many, working products which all use CREDIT Cryptocurrency as the main focus.

Terra-mart: This product is an online store that users will buy and sell items using CREDIT

Tellus-pay: A mobile payment app where users in Africa can deposit and withdraw fiat money in exchange for CREDIT

Terra-hub: Social media application where users complete task for rewards

TerraceX: Cryptocurrency exchange with 0.01% trading fees and 100% referral commission on trades. The exchange is heavily focused on the use of CREDIT

MiniPOS: 100% staking feature for CREDIT holders

Desktop Wallets: Windows, Mac, Linux, and Raspberry Pi supported

Note: Remember they developed all of the features without even using a single penny of raised funds. Also, it took less than a year. I am giving CREDIT team A+ for this grading criteria.

My portfolio percentage has already risen up to over 2,000% returns for investing in CREDIT

Grading Criteria #3 — How Good is the Idea?

Most Cryptocurrency projects consist of a whitepaper that have a plethora of promises and no actual working product yet. We already know with CREDIT that there is both many working products and that they keep promises according to their roadmap. This grading criterion is the most important method of judging whether a project will be successful or not. I will tell you exactly why CREDIT project has one of the best concepts;

  • CREDIT in a sense is the Bitcoin of Africa. It is meant for mass adoption in every industry. Their current products will become more popular as time goes on because there is simply NO COMPETITION
  • Connecting people in Africa with their phones and Cryptocurrency is something unique for the emerging markets. Both Tellus-Pay and TerraceX accept cash fiat deposits
  • CREDIT works on a faster blockchain than Bitcoin and is instantly transferred between accounts with minimal or zero fees
  • Staking rewards and passive income are the new trends in the Cryptocurrency industry because of the bear market
  • Major Exchanges are chomping at the bits to list premium staking projects such as CREDIT for free
  • Africa is the number one growing continent for blockchain technology

For the reasons above, CREDIT earns another A+.

Grading Criteria #4 — Price Point to Buy in

If you are just looking to maximize profits, you are probably more interested in the current price of CREDIT and what expected returns could look like if you were to buy in today. There are many factors to consider whether the current price is okay to buy in;

Current price of CREDIT: 0.000011 USD or 6 GWEI

Current circulating supply: 31 Billion

Total supply: 74.8 Billion

Price history of CREDIT: 1 GWEI-17 GWEI (1 GWEI was the all-time low because no price was established in ICO/IEO, 17 GWEI was all-time high after listing on Bitforex Exchange)

Other Cryptocurrency who have similar coin supplies: TRON (100 Billion supply at current price of 0.017 USD), Stellar (50 Billion supply at current price of 0.064 USD), Coin (100 Billion supply at current price of 0.033 USD), Holo (177 Billion supply at the current price of 0.00089 USD), Siacoin (41.8 Billion supply at the current price of 0.001 USD)

Risk/Reward ratio of the current price of CREDIT: After taking in all factors above, the rewards are much greater than the risk at buying in at the current price levels of 6 GWEI. The major trading market for CREDIT is Ethereum. The minimal price level to trade here is 1 GWEI. Therefore, I am concluding the worst-case scenario price for CREDIT is 1 GWEI. The upside potential of CREDIT is much greater than then downside since the current price is almost near the bottom level already. As an investor, this is quite an opportunity and I will give them A+ for this grading criteria.

Important Update

Credit card payments for Nigeria are live as well as automatic bank transfer. Withdrawals are processed as well using Paystack. So, it’s all automated and instant on TerraceX!

Important Links

Buy CREDIT at Catex Exchange and Bitforex Exchange

Sign up at TerraceX exchange and start staking 100% annually with MiniPOS Feature

Learn to stake CREDIT with the best staking reward system here

Disclaimer: This is a paid press release. Readers should do their own due diligence before taking any actions related to the company, product or service. is not responsible, directly or indirectly, for any loss or damage caused by or in connection with the use of or reliance on any content, product or service mentioned in this press release.

Terra Credit
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African based Cryptocurrency Credit is Thriving in Emerging Markets



Terra Credit

African based blockchain project Terra recently celebrated the first anniversary of Credit (CREDIT) block production. Credit is a decentralized proof of stake cryptocurrency that is simple to mine and highly rewarding with passive income, two factors that we believe are contributing to their ongoing success in emerging markets.

November 18, 2019, Johannesburg SA  Johannesburg-based blockchain project and trading platform TERRA has announced a huge slew of products to focus on the development of digital payments processing in developing nations such as Nigeria. In addition to the project’s main focus, Credit (CREDIT) decentralized cryptocurrency, the company has developed 8 supporting products that each offer something groundbreaking to various emerging markets.

These exciting new developments include:

  • MiniPOS – MiniPOS is a web-based CREDIT staking wallet, that improves the accessibility of earning through block production. It replaces the need for a CPU based device, allowing smartphone users access to 100% profit per year. This is the most exciting feature for CREDIT investors because of the ability to make passive income each hour and that the user interface is beginner-friendly.
  • Terra.Credit – Terra.Credit is a blockchain Explorer the CREDIT Block explorer, the decentralized public ledger that offers complete transparency of the CREDIT Blockchain.
  • Terra Hub – Terra-hub is a social network with monetized actions to offer its users CREDIT as a reward. Credit project has over 250,000 users because of this social media campaign.
  • The Tellus Ecosystem – Tellus-pay and Tellus-merchant comprise an ecosystem that enables non-banked users to have access to a digital wallet and payment platform that features: Fiat and Crypto support as well as MiniPOS access to stake Credit. Merchants are able to integrate Tellus into their physical or digital stores and accept instant payments for zero fees or commission. Naira and Rand fiat deposits are supported currently within the ecosystem.
  • Terra Mart – Terra-mart is a zero fee shopping marketplace, operated by Terra and Tellus-Pay. It allows its vendors to easily place their goods and services for sale online. Vendors receive their own unique digital store that is enhanced with its own URL. CREDIT is the default and only currency which ensures that buyers and sellers pay zero fee’s to do business online.
  • Terra Wallet – A web and App-based wallet for CREDIT, currently under development, though all major functions are already live and simple in their usage. Designed to provide Android-based access so that users can transact with and store CREDIT with a smartphone.
  • TerraceX – Terra-cex is a South African cryptocurrency exchange platform, A traditional cryptocurrency exchange with spot and Stop/Loss trading, featuring all major coins and pairs that pays 100% of fee’s to users through referral. It also offers CREDIT holders a wider range of exchange options.
  • Terra Dax – Terra-dax is a native trading app that allows users to connect all their top exchanges and trade via API in one dashboard.

The Credit Blockchain

Terra CreditAt its core, CREDIT is a hybrid PoW/PoS blockchain. Now, officially into its second year of block production via POS only, thousands of Credit miners are earning from supporting the CREDIT Blockchain and earning new coins for doing so. Since its launch, Terra has ensured that CREDIT users have the widest range of wallets available. With support for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android and even Raspbian from inception. CREDIT miners do not compete with each other and in fact, all of them support the blockchain as solo miners. stake rewards with a potential gain of 100% annual profit, and receive mining rewards.

CREDIT is a payment processing platform that already facilitates online and physical payments across every conceivable device.


The unbanked segment of a financial world consists of at least 2 billion adults, who predominantly use smartphones, but lack the necessary means to use a bank account. Due to this, a potential Trillion or more in US Dollars is currently outside the global financial system.

Credit is a highly progressive blockchain which can support CREDIT mining with almost any digital device, offering a real-world solution to those struggling to store and increase wealth outside of the banking system.

Dan Ronchese, Founder of The Terra Foundation and creator of the Credit (CREDIT) Cryptocurrency, stated:

“The only way a cryptocurrency can become a global payment system is if everyone who makes payments has access to it”

The CREDIT system is designed in a simple way for anyone who has a basic computer or smartphone. In this way, the MiniPoS system is designed as a web-based cryptocurrency passive profit generator, that stakes Credit and awards income hourly. TerraceX currently offers fiat to crypto services in 5 African countries and will add Colombia to that list in a few week’s time.

Price Movement

Recent CREDIT price movements have been largely positive, with trading volumes also on the increase. The current price of CREDIT is around $0,000012 USD, which is roughly 40% up from this time last month. CREDIT can be purchased on Bitforex, Catex, and Hubi and TerraceX ( The price of CREDIT can be tracked on CoinMarketCap.

Learn more about Terra – 

Read the Terra Whitepaper – Credit

Trade or Stake CREDIT on the Terra exchange platform –

Get a CREDIT web wallet here

Check out the Terra-mart online marketplace

Download the native Terra trading app here –

A mobile-based payment app – 

Tellus merchant ecosystem

Join Terra on Telegram –

Media Contact Details

Contact Name: Esme

Contact Email:

Disclaimer: This is a paid press release. Readers should do their own due diligence before taking any actions related to the company, product or service. is not responsible, directly or indirectly, for any loss or damage caused by or in connection with the use of or reliance on any content, product or service mentioned in this press release.

Terra Credit
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US Lottery Winner Invests USD 250 000 in Bitcoin



US Lottery Winner Invests in Bitcoin

A resident of Illinois, United States, won US$500,000 (approx. R 7,5 million) with a scratch ticket in April 2019. When this Illinois millennial won, he posted a picture on Reddit, stating he has won the lottery and will invest half of his winnings into BTC in May. With Illinois being one of the highest-taxed states in the US, he only invested more or less $178,500 (approx. R2,7 million), after-tax deductions.

His plan for at least a year, is to HODL the investment, as he has enough money set aside for himself and any emergencies. With his winnings, he also bought a new car for himself and paid a deposit for a new house. Comments on his posted picture, was that he should have invested all of his winnings, not just half of it and that he is taking a huge risk for sharing his winnings on the internet, making himself a target for crime. 

A comment that one of the crypto community members brought to light, was that some people might associate bitcoin with lottery. Which is obviously not the case. However, Bitcoin Lotto does exist, it is a cryptocurrency lottery, launched for the first time in 2017. You have to match 6 numbers out of 49 balls, based on the six numbers drawn on Bonolotto, an official Spanish Lottery. The draw takes place 6 times a week (Monday – Saturday).

Before you invest in bitcoin, do the following:

bitcoin adoption Get all the information: It is important to have all the necessary information about the cryptocurrency market before you enter it. Make sure you understand how to buy bitcoin, where to buy it and how to sell it.

Where to invest: There are so many cryptocurrencies to invest in, in August 2018 there were 1800 cryptocurrencies. There is no guarantee that all of them will grow over the years to come. Maybe you want to start with the well-known currencies, like bitcoin, or maybe you want to test the water and start with the less known, that has potential in the future. Wherever you decide to invest, do your homework and have a good reason why you want to invest in the specific currency.

The best time to buy: bitcoin is a global cryptocurrency and is not affected by the financial situation, or stability, of a single country. Here you can do research and analyse bitcoin’s price history. Like any investment market, there is no right time to buy.

Guard your assets: This should be your top priority. Cryptocurrencies are exposed to theft just like any other asset. In order to access your investment, you will have a private key. Make this key impossible to hack and keep it locked up in your cold storage wallet.

The risk will always be there when it comes to investing your money. It can either skyrocket and you can smile all the way, or it can drop and you lose everything. Follow these guidelines when you are planning to invest in bitcoin.

Terra Credit
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