A Private Clinic in Botswana Has Started Accepting Bitcoin Payments


The bitcoin community in Africa continues to grow with younger, more tech-savvy Africans embracing bitcoin. The decentralized nature of the digital currency means it’s immune to political shocks and hyperinflation witnessed in the continent, making it an attractive option to fiat currencies.

Bitcoin also allows for sustainability when it comes to service provision as is the case of Dr. Donald Ariisa, who runs a private medical facility in the capital of Botswana, Gaborone. His health facility is the only one in the entire country that allows people to pay in bitcoins upon treatment. In an interview with CoinTelegraph, Dr. Ariisa said,

“I wish to be part of the birth of a new currency that creates so much freedom for humanity.”

Improving service delivery

His love for emerging technologies inspired him to introduce bitcoin as a form of payment along with cash in his clinic. This way he can make healthcare more accessible to young people in the bitcoin space who are looking for a convenient way to pay for these services.

Despite the cloud of mystery surrounding bitcoin and blockchain technology as whole in Africa, Dr. Ariisa believes it’s only a matter of time before the myths are debunked, and digital currency becomes widely recognized. He admits he doesn’t understand all aspects of bitcoin but he has taken it upon himself to learn while providing the service.

Bitcoin penetration

To him, the satisfaction he sees in patients faces as they pay for their services in bitcoin is a testament to the potential of bitcoin in the continent. In his opinion, the future of bitcoin in Botswana and the African continent is one of growth of opportunities.

As for volatility, this is what he had to say, “All new technology is volatile and there will always be early adopters that will prove the technology viable.”

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